Our objective is to ensure that port services and loading/unloading operations in accordance with the international standards and safety rules. This guide is prepared in conjunction with our objective, includes the general information about port services and the basic rules to be followed during your port stay.



Operator of the Port: TOSYALI IRON STEEL

Information of Contact: Org. San. Böl. Sarıseki İskenderun / Hatay     

T : +90 0326 656 33 30

F : +90 0326 656 21 35

E :

Dangerous Material Guide

Tosyalı İskenderun Port Facility Dangerous Goods Guide

Port Location

Port of TOSYALI is within the coordinates of İskenderun Port Area which is located between the lines 360 41’ 42’’ N - 360 11’ 10’’ E

Time Zone

Turkey’s standard zone time is UTC / GMT +3.


The nearest airports are at Adana about 124 km and Hatay about 60 km by road.

Distance to Some Major Cities

Water Density

Generally range is between 1.025 kg/m3 and 1.026 kg/m3.

(Depending on seasonal, tidal and meteorological influences.)

Waste and Garbage Reception Facilities

Due to the regulation about waste reception and controlling the ship born wastes, Tosyalı Port has completed its tasks and proper licence has been taken on 2019 from Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

Reception of solid and liquid wastes from ships has been carried out according to the MARPOL 73/78 ANNEX I, V and VI. In this context.

• Permission of Port Management should be acquired, in case Vessels requires to deliver/or leave their solid wastes. Reception service of liquid and solid waste is given only daylight.

• Within the boundaries of the port, it is strictly forbidden to throw any waste overboard. Environmental surveys and inspections are carried out frequently by the Harbour Master.

• In case any leakage / garbage / etc. observed, Port Authorities should be informed immediately.

Technical Facts

Note: If the electricity is supplied for the shore's grabs by vessel; Electricity must be 380V, 45kW, 90A, 50Hz.




Port of TOSYALI provides 7 day and 24 hour services in 3 shifts. All shifts are supervised by Foremen who are fully in charge of loading and unloading operations.

Shift Working Hours   : 00:30–08:30/08:30–16:30/16:30–00:30

Stevedore Meal Hours : 03:00–03:30/11:30–12:00/19:00–19:30

Third Party

All port services are available for the Third Party Companies.

Fresh Water

Fresh Water service is available at the berth. Please request FW supply through your local agent timely. Fresh Water price is 8USD/tonnes.

Health and Medical Facilities

Coast Health Organization is situated in İskenderun; each vessel visiting the harbour shall apply for “Free Pratica”. Contact with your agent for your other health problems.


Customs Head Office and Customs Guarding Organization situated in İskenderun, is on service for 24 hours.

Marine Police

Marine Police services are conducted by İskenderun Police Head Office. Entrance and leave procedures are checked in İskenderun and international staff exchange opportunities are available.


1. In the port of TOSYALI, all ships are obliged to follow the national and international conventions and regulations. (SOLAS, MARPOL, ISPS, Ports Regulation etc.)

2. In the Port area, foreign-flagged vessels have to hoist their national flag and Turkish flag; Turkish ships have to hoist only Turkish flag from sunrise until sunset. (Flags must be clean and complied to the standards.)

3. Sufficient number of deck and engine crew should be on board all the time for an emergency.

4. All vessels requests to perform repair, paint, hot work, launching lifeboat and / or boat, any works or maintenance job that restrict the manoeuvring abilities, should apply in advance to the port management with the written permission of Harbour Master. Applications to be evaluated by the port management and will be answered as soon as possible.

5. Vessels should use appropriate ropes and will be fully berthed to the docks at all times, unless contrary is requested.

6. Accommodation ladder and safety net shall be prepared as per SOLAS. Otherwise, port staff will refuse to embark the vessel.

7. Hold access ladders and manhole covers must be in good condition and safe. If it is necessary to close hatch covers due to the weather conditions, crew must ensure that all stevedoring personnel have to leave the hold before closing.

8. Deck, Holds and all operation areas should be adequately lighting.

9. The atmosphere in the holds and enclosed spaces to where access might be required should be ventilated, gas free, clean and safe.

10.   All walkways, catwalks, hold ladders etc. must be sturdy, well repaired, with no void spaces, free of trapping hazards, free of oil and grease, and must be safe.

11.   During the loading/unloading operation, if the vessel’s cranes are used, cranes and devices must be in good condition and suitable for the intended purpose. Before the operation, Cargo Gear Booklet should be presented to the port authorities. If the vessel’s cranes are not being used, the cranes must be lowered and outboard to the opposite side of berthing position as much as possible below the terminal cranes.

12.   Cargo Operations:

- The vessel’s cargo plan which clearly indicates the Loading/Unloading/Ballast operations shall be mutually agreed and signed by port authorities and ship’s management. If any modification needed during the operation, revised plan shall be prepared by vessel authorities and approved by both parties.

-Vessel’s staff should ensure to check each hold during the cargo operation. Damage report shall be presented to the Port as soon as possible. Damages that are not being advised after mention hold loading/unloading operations completed within 2 hours or a/p charter party terms, will not be taken into consideration by port authorities.

-Accuracy and timing of ballast operations are very important for the safety and continuity of cargo operations. Also departure drafts of the ships must be appropriate for the safe manoeuvring.

-Vessels should leave the berth within 3 hours upon completion of cargo operations, otherwise idle occupation fee will be applied to the vessel’s account. If the ships require staying in berth, than the permission for berth occupation shall be obtained from the Port Management via agent.


One of the prime responsibilities of a port management is to facilitate and control the safety within its area of jurisdiction. In addition to the national and international conventions and regulations, following safety rules must be complied in Port area. Port of TOSYALI is fully ISPS compliant as per SOLAS chapter XI and monitored 24 hours. Safety is a matter for everyone.

-In traffic construction equipment, heavy carriers, trucks and etc. vehicles has priority in the factory area and In Port of TOSYALI.

-It is dangerous and forbidden to enter the cargo impact area. (Cranes, railway vehicles, loader, forklift, excavator, etc.)

-Walking on the quay and in the port area without permission and helmet is dangerous and forbidden.

-Entering the Port’s cranes impact area and passing through or being under cargo on dock and deck is dangerous and forbidden.

-During Port stay, it is dangerous and forbidden to walk on the quay because of cargo residues such as coal, coke, scrap, wood, wedges, steel bands, etc. due to prevent any ship personnel’s sprain, fall and etc. accidents.

-Vessel’s staff is responsible from the safety and position of the accommodation ladder and/or gangway.

-During the bunkering operation all connections must be correct and under the control and all safety precautions shall be taken.

-Stated parking areas with their signboards are provided for visitors, agents etc. Vehicles are not allowed to park any other places.

-All written and visual safety rules shall be followed.


Tosyalı Port Management           : +90 (326) 656 33 30 – 3701 (08:00/18:00)

Shift Supervisors (Foreman)      : +90 (530) 641 13 71 / VHF Ch. 14 (7/24)

Planning Services                         : +90 (326) 656 33 30 – 3710 / 3711 / 3712 (08:00/18:00)

Pilotage and Tugboat Services    : +90 (539) 571 00 83 / VHF Ch. 14–16

Fax Number                              : +90 (326) 656 28 95

E-mail                                       :

Port Security Officers (ISPS):

Statement Number : 0667145

Serhat NEMUTLU         : +90 (326) 656 3330   Mobile : +90 (532) 371 8435                                                               

Zafer SAĞLAM            : +90 (326) 656 3330 / 3715    Mobile : +90 (530) 518 6811